Ocean House, Lorne



A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of staying at a majestic castle in beautiful Lorne called Ocean House. It was a midweek escape from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne that befit more than its literal meaning, as figuratively the architectural wonders of this house by the sea took my imagination to a fantasy land. Ocean House was designed by Architect extraordinaire Rob Mills, who had complete freedom in designing the house to only his mind could imagine. This was Rob Mill’s “dream house” and what a dream house it was – a five bedroom, double storey, multi-living space, twin-kitchen, twin-balcony, and a roof-top lookout that offers panoramic views of where the ocean meets land meets the sky. Of course, my favourite has to be the bathtub – who can say no to a hot bath on a rooftop!! Equally favourite is the main bedroom, it was almost like a home in itself with its circular design almost feeling like you were sleeping in an igloo.

Ocean House perfectly compliments its beautiful surroundings, nested in hillside forest only a short walk away from the beach. During my stay, I got the full Melbourne wild swings in weather, and felt the radiance of the sun lounging in the main living room, but also got the sheer raw beauty of a heavy downfall. And all the while, the marvellous views and sounds of the ocean surrounded me on my stay. Oh, and if you’re lucky you may meet some cockatoos and even a kangaroo or two passing by!

I had an absolute blast at Ocean House, it is in many ways a surreal experience as it blends the elements of its surroundings with the artistry of its design to provide you an amazingly comforting and setting that plays out an idyllic fantasy.
The Ruby Canvas stayed as a guest at Ocean House. However, my opinion is as always, my own.

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