Nadaman, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong

NADAMAN’ goes way back to 1830, a Japanese restaurant opened by Mr Nadaya Mansuke in Osaka. Now, there are many Nadaman Restaurants established around Japan and internationally. Shangri-La Hong Kong had the privilege to establish the first Nadaman outside of Japan, and I had the privilege to visit for a Kaiseki meal (which is their specialty) during my trip to Hong Kong. I was presented with 8 courses, each like a piece of art with the perfect balance of taste, texture and colour. I experienced the true Nadaman tradition of Japanese cooking, and I wish I could go back again soon!

Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong Nadaman Shangrila HongkongNadaman Shangrila HongkongNadaman Shangrila Hongkong


Milk tofu with sea urchin and lily bulb

Simmered butterbur with fresh yuba tofu

Firefly squid with scallion, udo and vinegar misoNadaman Shangrila Hongkong


Clear soup with bamboo shoot

Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong


Stone flounder flavoured with kep

Squid and yellowjack

Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong

Steamed Dish

Steamed egg custard with tilefish rice dumpling

Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong

Deep-fried dish

Deep-fried sakura shrimp cake with green pepper

Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong

Grilled dish

Grilled Wagyu tenderloin served with bamboo shoot, eggplant, garlic, scallion and elingi mushroom

Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong

Rice dish

Steamed sushi rice with conger eel, crab, mushroom, egg, and vinegared lotus root served with miso soup

Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong


Dessert of the day

Nadaman Shangrila HongkongNadaman Shangrila Hongkong Nadaman Shangrila Hongkong

Nadaman also offers Teppanyaki menus as well as a sushi bar. =)

Nadaman Shangrila HongkongNadaman Shangrila Hongkong


(852) 2820 8570
Level 7, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central, Hong Kong
Operating Hours

12noon – 3pm (last order at 2.30pm)

6.30pm – 11pm (last order at 10.30pm)

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