Mount Kurama, Japan


When I travel, I love to plan the most detailed itinerary so I don’t miss out on any places-I-must-visit or food-I-must-eat. But after awhile, you can lose the excitement of visiting a new place after all the research and looking through hundreds of Instagram photos, because when you see the real thing, you feel like you have seen it all already.

Mount Kurama was one of those places I did not plan for (or even heard of) before arriving Japan, but it turned out to be one of the best places I visited that trip to Japan. To get there, It is a metro train, another metro train, a local train, and a cable car ride up the mountains, in total about an one hour journey from downtown Kyoto. If you plan to do the hike, I suggest you get off at Kurama Station and catch the cable car to the main entrance. The Kurama-Kibune trail is around 60-90 minutes and you go through temples, tangled tree roots, lots of steps and gigantic trees. Once you reach Kibune, you will find lots of restaurants set right above the running stream and people dining over waterfalls. It’s a great place to take a rest and refresh yourself. If you are really into walking, you can continue the walk to Kibune station and make the journey back into town.

If you love the outdoors, something different to all the touristy spots, and eat above a waterfall, you should definitely check out Mount Kurama! Sometimes unplanned travel turns out to be the most memorable ones 🙂 X



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