Dubrovnik City Wall

Dubrovnik, also known as King’s Landing, has been one of my favourite cities in Croatia. The orange rooftops alone makes it the most picturesque old city I’ve ever seen, and it is hard not to love a city that makes you feel like you are in a Game of Thrones scene! One of the highlights of Dubrovnik is to walk the city wall, a series of massive stone walls surrounding the Old Town since the 16th Century. The walls run an uninterrupted course of almost 2km around the old city, and reach a maximum height of 25 metres, which makes sitting on the edge of the wall much more dangerous than it looks. On the walk, you get to see both inside the old town and outside into the Adriatic Sea. If you look further, you can also see Lokrum island and Fort Lovrijenac in the distance, which were featured in Game of Thrones. The best time to visit would be late afternoon, when the sun is not too high, and as the sun sets, you get to see the whole city lit up in a golden light. For a split second, you would feel like you are teleported to the 16th century!


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  • On the eastern side of the land walls stands the second major entrance to the city, the Gate of Ploce. This gate is protected by the freestanding Revelin Fortress, which are connected by a wooden drawbridge and a twin-spanned stone bridge spanning a protective ditch.

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